These seats will be protected by a new netting so souvenir balls can be harder to come by than they used to be. You will definitely want to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for day games in the bleachers. more, Tour of Historic Fenway Park, America's Most Beloved Ballpark. The real advantage is the ability to duck out of the elements. (Note: this article contains affiliate links. If you want to keep it simple, just follow the 5-10 rulemeaning that in most cases, rows 5-10 and/or seats 5-10 are usually the best in the Grandstand sections. Note that children 2 and under do not require a ticket. Fries, Grillo's Pickle. The only drawbacks from up here are no view of the Green Monster itself, and you;ll lose visibility of fly balls to the left field warning track, but these are minor compared to the experience. Save a bunch of money on hotels, flights and rental carsbook your trip with my friends at Hotwire! " Lot of work no work life balance " (in 148 reviews) " Very large company that will take some time to get used to " (in 236 reviews) Very close to metro train and subway. This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. The man checking my ticket instructed me to go to information desk to pick up goodies after I had told him it was my first time to Fenway. The only real advantage, other than the experience, is the likelihood of a home run coming your way, and even then you should watch out for the line drive shots. Recently, other ballparks - including Minute Maid Park and Busch Stadium - have emulated this unique seating layout. The bleachers used to be a less than G-rated place for families, with obscene language and fights at times. |. To help make the buying decision even easier . There is also more leg room here than at most seats in Fenway. Additional Red Sox Content: Affordable Parking Near Fenway Park. Best view from Grandstand 23 Rows 7 & 9 just left of home plate, no obstruction. Fenway Park Bleachers When looking at Right Field Box tickets, consider the following: With the exception of the farthest sections, these seats have a poor angle towards home plate. Loge Boxes. 6,"6o $]c3?2%@ Tw Theres a drink rail with stools for that baseball with expensive drinks experience. What are Green Monster SRO tickets at Fenway Park? T. Dugout Box (Red Sox Games) - While Fenway Park does not have Scout Seats or all-inclusive club seats on the lowest level like many newer ballparks, the first three rows of seating. There are picnic tables with four seats each, and a full bar and concessions area, which is covered and offers a spot to duck out of the rain or sun. The best way to land Green Monster tickets is to pay attention to the Red Sox newsletter. Help other fans and let us know! The Red Sox have regular auctions on their web site for the chance to bid on these seats for specific games. Outdoor seats are padded and include wait service at your seats. Even more so than with the seating, this is more of an experience than a decent place to watch the game, since youll miss a significant portion of the outfield, even more so from behind the seats. Theyre good seats and are closer to the action than upper levels in most ballparks, and if youre a large person like me they offer more leg room than most seats here. In the most striking change of the early 2000s renovations, the Sox replaced the net above the Green Monster in left field with a few rows of barstools. The Grandstand seats are under the upper deck tier surrounding most of the field. Players typically are allowed to sign any time up to 45 minutes before game time, so be sure to get there early. If you're headed to Fenway Park with an eye on catching a home run ball, you're going to need a little bit of luck. The famous red seat where Ted Williams titanic shot landed is Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21. Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in these sections down the left field line near the Green Monster. If you prefer a seat and a reserved location, the Roof Boxes also feature Tables for a group to sit around and enjoy the game. Youre most likely to find these tickets available on Stub Hub, being resold by season-ticket holders who cannot use them. ;Mi=qee-Yk4FNn*Y_:*m5VHUv>,4A`YV(cJ!7[h8=6#-W{jH!m"r "-Sz^tZG?75'. One obstructed view note here: the support pole can sometimes be in the last row of a Right Field Box section, usually Row XX. Great atmosphere in Fenway! Many (but not all) of the links youll see throughout this site are affiliate links. Theyre very high up, and unless you are in the first row, you wont be able to see anything hit to deep left. While the EMC Club receives high marks for its upscale amenities and comfortable seating, the crowd has been known to be a bit dull compared to other areas of the ballpark. Click here to start booking your trip to Boston and Fenway Park today! The best time to get Sox autographs is from the time the gates open until 90 minutes before game time. There are seven, yes, seven different Standing Room areas at Fenway. anonymous. ", "Home Plate Pavilion Club for a Day Game", "The charm of Fenway Park is not so charming", "Convenient and shaded, but crapshoot view", "Non-obstructed, roof overhead, fine sightlines", "Unobstructed home plate view with a little cover", "Fenway Bowl - Louisville vs Cincinnati - Dec 17, 2022", "New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox - Sep 6, 2019", "Outfield seats with a view of the Green Monster", "Phenomenal View, Amazing night in Fenway", "Solid Club Seats With Foul Ball Potential", "Texas Rangers at Boston Red Sox - Jun 10, 2019", "15 or so rows directly behind home plate - great view to watch the pitch! Enjoy four tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays in Boston's iconic Fenway Park on July 29, 2021! The Pavilion Reserved seating is three sections of upper level seating beneath the Coca-Cola sign in left field. Pros. The Red Sox stamp certain tickets OV for obstructed view, but the obstruction has to be pretty egregious before the Sox will admit to it. Dell Technologies Club - Bringing the country club to the ballpark, the Dell Technologies Club at Fenway Park is a unique seating option for the most discerning guests. However, recent initiatives aim at being more kid-friendly and attracting even more families. Fenway Park Seating Maps. There are only a few rows in this area, giving it an exclusive feel. Bringing the country club to the ballpark, the Dell Technologies Club at Fenway Park is a unique seating option for the most discerning guests. Despite its fame as a tourist attraction, the park has long been lacking in terms of family-friendliness. Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox. It was a great experience,and one we will probably not get to have again. Field Boxes. Shop m16 Shop m18. How to Avoid Obstructed Views at Fenway If you would like to learn more about Premium Memberships at Fenway Park, our Red Sox Premium team is here to help. If you're feeling lucky, Monster sections 3-5 are your best bet for snagging a souvenir. Here it is, Fenway Park visitors and Red Sox fans, your complete, unobstructed and enormously useful Fenway Park seating guide. If you go to baseball games, youre going to spend moneyon tickets, parking, food and souvenirs, not to mention hotels and travel expenses if youre going on a baseball road trip. No baseball fan can be taken seriously unless they've visited this living museum. With less than 300 seats available for each Red Sox game, you'll be part of an exclusive group that gets to watch the game from perhaps baseball's most famous seats. It develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. The best seats for Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park are a matter of perspective. Trust me, choosing the right seat at Fenway is more important than at any other ballpark. The lower level of Fenway Park is made up of three semi-continuous seating zones, each with a unique row structure. Premium Sales. green. We are lucky to have such great partners in the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management. Thankfully, they dont build them like this anymore. These seats are covered from the elements even during early afternoon games. Like with the EMC Club, the Pavilion club serves a brunch for afternoon games, and you can order food from your seat. Its got drink rails, phone chargers, big TVs, and a seriously subpar view of the field. You and your guests will be left with a lasting impression as you enjoy watching a baseball game that feels as though it is being played right in your lap. If this matters to you (it does to me), avoid anything higher than about Row 14 or so. Before every home game, a former Red Sox player, coach, or personality signs autographs in the Jersey Street Team Store on Yawkey Way essentially on the 3rd Base side of the field. ", "Great place to feel a part of the game. The walkway tends to get crowded with fans - even when the ball is in play - so it's best to avoid the first two rows (AA-BB). Dugout Box Seats More info is available on the Red Sox official site. Theres also no roof here, bad on a rainy day. These seats go for a premium price. Dell is owned by its parent company, Dell Technologies. In 2017 the Sox added the Right Field Tavern, a full bar that takes over the space in the right field Grandstand area. is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLS, the NCAA or any of its members. Would buy again!! best of . If you're visiting Fenway and looking for a view that is symbolic of a historic ballpark, consider box sections 72-82 down the left-field line. My husband and I were gifted with tickets to the EMC Club at Fenway Park and decided to make it part of my birthday celebration weekend. Behind this section is a picnic area that can be used for very expensive private parties; there are tables and barstool seats and the floor is wooden boards and easier on the feet. Ah, heres the trickjust sit in FRONT of the poles! Sitting in the old wooden seats, with a great view of the ball park is amazing! Some of the best seats for a Boston Red Sox game, these sections offer access to private clubs that stay open a little after the game, and also offer in-seat beverage service. The best best seats for Boston Red Sox autographs are sections 1AA-20so head straight there after gates open and find players lingering around. Grandstand Seats. Section Dugout Box 51. Section Home Plate Dugout Box 45. The club recommends reservations and has a dress code. Be sure to get in early to get a home run ball. My friends at TickPick have Red Sox ticketsthey offer a best price guarantee, a buyers trust guarantee, and NO service fees. Stay in Awe. Youll definitely pay a premium ($200+), but it is well worth it to sit in the most unique seats in the arguably most unique ballpark. Remember, the support poles are your friend! Try to get lower seats if you can. Though not as rowdy as in the old days, the lower cost of these tickets make these an attractive option for college students and young professionals alike. In Rows C and higher, you have a good chance of being protected from the elements. On behalf of us all of us, we wanted to send our sincere appreciation to each of you for all of your help with the launch event. For those fans not looking to miss a single pitch, our in-seat menu is the perfect blend of high end and ballpark favorites. Want to get autographs, or catch a baseball? Fenway has been home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912, and is the oldest baseball park in Major League Baseball. Televisions are strategically placed both inside and outside and as a bonus, the weather was pleasant. The best thing is that in most places youll have no problem staying out of the rain. For cheap baseball tickets (GET $10 OFF your first purchase with e-mail signup! Beyond an exceptional view, the outdoor seats are padded, under cover and come with wait service. Section Home Plate Dugout Box 44. Both Field and Loge Box sections usually have 12 rows per section. If you're keen on giving your guest a one-of-a-kind experience, look no further than the Monster Seats above the Green Monster in left field. The pole will still be there, but it shouldnt be too annoying. The Dell Technologies Club serves as the perfect setting to leverage and develop relationships while using Fenway Park as the picturesque backdrop. Save money by utilizing the latest coupon codes from our affiliates. Sometimes a support pole can be right in front of a seat in the first row, but if it is, the Sox will mark that as OV. Comfortable seats, awesome view, food and drinks vendors down and up stairs it seemed like every couple of minutes! (Its still Kurts favorite!). Awesome., Pingback:What is the best bleacher section at Fenway? ), Posted in Blog, Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, MLB Ballpark Guides The Monster Seats above the Green Monster in left field do see home run balls, but they also see a number of would-be home runs dent the tall wall or fly overhead completely out of the ballpark. iHkfvf7T$g*RLH1`BC&;X:fa 3! Xc`VqH:VpG1(3iT:5.0 5&C $}zWfa?3z788'4g{b`*T 9>"pU(.5#Jm6]T`#:7WwX>,-urjKe1+C\nt+b-me4XUNEwdeLZ 2)*-rW'H. If you really want to experience this and dont mind standing, you can find SRO Green Monster tickets at a lower price, but again, the view is definitely not great. Other standing room areas include The Coca Cola Corner in left field and the Roof Boxes in right field. safety tips; prohibited items; product recalls; avoiding scams. These tickets come with the convenience of in-seat food and beverage service, padded seating, and access to a private lounge. We were advised that a dress code was strictly enforced and dressed in business casual to meet that requirement. Most all of the Loge Box seats are very good, and worth spending the money if youre making the effort. Approve of CEO. Monster seats have their own concession area and are separate from the rest of the ballpark. We were there to see the visiting team and we won!! The Dell Technologies Club offers sweeping views of the field from above home plate, while blending luxury and history to create a unique and memorable experience. Avoid OV tickets at all costs. The premium and party spaces are mostly on the second level of the ballpark: the Dell Technologies Club, suites, Roof Deck and Green Monster seats are more expensive than much of the lower level seating. Seats here are tagged with: club seat has extra leg room has wait service is on the aisle is padded is under an overhang. Section Home Plate Dugout Box 50. Ive meticulously researched everything I could find about how to get the best seats at Fenway Park for your taste and budget, from Green Monster seats to standing room, and the result is what youre about to read. For whatever reason, when I search for tickets on the MLB website, it only shows 1 roof deck option and seems to be a ticket bundle of 4 but this is what it says on Fenway's website under accessible/companion seating "Wheelchair spaces are located in the Grandstand, Bleacher, Green Monster, Right Field Roof Deck, Loge Box, Field Box, Infield . Despite its age, Fenway Park has been remarkably well maintained and upgraded to accommodate even the most discerning baseball fan. They dont have a great view, and theyre tired, but theyre in the ballpark! What else can be said about Fenway! Rows in the grandstand area are all covered and are the easiest to understand. We visited the Red Sox game vs the Blue Jays on Sunday. Grandstand Sections 32 and 33 are designated family sections during Red Sox games. In fact, these seats are far more comfortable than the old-style seats found in the often-more-expensive Grandstand sections. Royal Rooters Club. Most Grandstand seats have the advantage of being out of the sun and rain for the most part, but the fan pays the price of the dreaded obstructed view. If youve been there, its hard to argue against that. In higher rows, poles will block a view to part of the field including the pitcher, batter, or bases. 2022 schedule. It was the perfect way to launch our sponsorship into Boston. With the glow of the Boston city skyline serving as a backdrop, the Dell Technologies Club provides incomparable views of Fenway Park and an experience unmatched to that of any other ballpark. The closer you get to the right field foul pole (known as Peskys Pole), the more seats face center field rather than home plate, so you will be twisting your neck throughout the game, which is an annoyance if a minor one. Dugout seats still include in-seat wait service, but you'll also be within three rows of the field and be surrounded by plenty of cheering Red Sox fans. Catering is an additional cost. The most comfortable outstanding views will come behind home plate in the EMC and Home Plate Pavilion Clubs. Sections 21-32 down the first base line, are among the best seats for a Boston Red Sox game. Like with Green Monster seats, the Sox put Roof Deck tickets on sale at separate times; keep an eye on the newsletter if youre interested. Second, you wont be able to see scoreboards and such from this vantage point. Clubs. Try to avoid Sections 1 and 6, which lose a portion of the field to luxury suites next to them. Standing room on the lower levels enables fans to watch the action from behind the Grandstand, and its cheaper, but there are a few impediments to your enjoyment: First, you have to stand in designated areas behind the concourse, and the killjoy Red Sox ushers spend the whole game enforcing it rather than doing something more important like looking the other way while you grab a seat. Pavilion Box seats do have a roof over the upper portions, which is nice if it rains but doesnt always offer protection from the sun. If they get tired of their cushioned seats, ticket holders at the Pavilion level can access a restaurant with a pizza counter and raw bar, and a lounge area with two full bars. People were very nice even though we weren't cheering for their team! At 315 ft from home plate, you literally feel you are on top of the action because you are! Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. Once again, remember that the new netting at Fenway effectively covers most of the infield. Perfect birds-eye view of the entire playing surface from the second level behind the plate. But if youd prefer to sit closer, Loge Box seats cost just a few bucks more. Travel and Ballpark Seating tips from a baseball family. Dugout padded seats are located at field level.Feb 4, 2020. As illustrated below, the EMC Club is on press-box level, offering a great view of the action. You even get a scoreboard message that Im guessing you cant see from these seats. Disclosure notice, Please Upgrade to access this feature which will help you write anything from a facebook post to full story about anything you like.Upgrade, Sections with the Best View at Fenway Park, Best Seats for The Social Scene at Fenway, Best Seats for Impressing Guests at Red Sox games, Fenway Parks Best Sections for Getting a Baseball, Best Seats at Fenway Park Boston Red Sox, Although tickets will set you back from $100 to $250 online, Weve found bleacher tickets for as little as $11, Youre most likely to find these tickets available on Stub Hub, Weve found tickets for about $350 available on the secondary market. [4] [5] Dell sells personal computers (PCs), servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras . endstream endobj 357 0 obj <>>> endobj 358 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 359 0 obj <>stream Any Dell Technologies Suite purchased for Opening Day must be combined with the purchase of this same suite for a blue tiered game later in the 2023 regular season. Make your way down to the front row, and ask a player (in a friendly manner) that is not too busy to increase your chances. The only caveat, other than the minimal leg room that is a problem almost everywhere here, is that the first three rows (AA thru CC) are walkway advisory tickets, meaning that people will be walking in the aisle in front of you during the game. So if you can get a first row seat numbered in the 5-10 range that doesnt say OV, you should have a terrific view with no obstructions. If you try it, fork over a few extra for a prime spot, and you may be able to snatch a seat later in the game. While simply bringing a guest to a Red Sox game might be impressive enough, there are plenty of seating options to make the outing even more memorable. And dont forget to check out all of my useful tips for getting there and what to eat in the game in this complete Fenway Park guide. Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra dollars on seats in a lower row. But check out those barstools! While Fenway Park is most well-known for its historic charm, green walls and neighborhood location, the ballpark also boasts some of the best seating options for groups of friends and those looking to enjoy a beer with their baseball game. Mostly locals but still a good number of obvious visitors. There are 17-19 rows in most Grandstand sections. Probably your best chance at catching a home run ball. Also, I was given a Red Sox sticker and bracelet. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Once you get to be 30 or 40 rows up in the bleachers, its difficult to keep track of the action on the field (the crack of the bat even takes a second to hear).
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